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We believe in the infilling power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Bible Teaching We focus on understanding and learning the Holy Scriptures to gain a Biblical world view containing a prophetic revelation of God.


Interceding for people who prophetically declare the Kingdom of God in the face of this world's injustices, declaring the return of our Jesus Christ, the restoration of Israel to Christ, and committed to reaching out to our local community, nation and the world. (Matthew 28:19-20).


We believe and desire to share the redemptive love of God to people of all nationalities and generations.


We are individuals who are fully involved and responsive to Jesus Christ's call— to see every person discover their purpose and be empowered to live it and accept their God-given gifts and ministries within each person in His church.


Inspired by our core values, we are enabled to reach people who have not heard or experience the love of Christ. We are committed to spread His love throughout the world; in order to hurry His return within this generation. (II Peter 3:11,12)



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16819 New Hampshire Ave, 

Silver Spring, MD

Phone: 301 989-HOPE (4673)
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