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Life Groups

Life groups are the foundation of Living Word; this is where our church happens!

Our mission is to build authentic, life changing relationships through a community of small groups by creating the environment to grow our relationship with Christ and inspiring others to join in.

There are several Community Life events that occur throughout the year. We need your help to make these events memorable for those attending.

Small Group Leaders

Our key volunteers in our small groups are our leaders. These are people who are responsible for influencing the direction of their small group, are held accountable to upholding our small group expectations, and who communicate and meet regularly with one of our Small Group Directors.

Our leaders rise up from within small groups that are formed in inFellowship. We form small groups based on group type and geographic location. Together, our small groups identify who their key influencer is, and that person covenants with the church to uphold the mission and vision of Living Word as embodied by our life group community.

Life Group Hosts

All our small groups meet in homes. A small group host is an individual, couple, or family who is willing to open their house to their small group every week. At minimum this requires providing a room in which 10-12 people can comfortably gather in a distraction free environment. Some hosts will choose to provide light refreshments, while other groups share this responsibility.

Find your group, visit the lifegroups list

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Life Group Training

Contact the church for information on Life Group Training.


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